Hey ya’ll its been awhile!

I know I haven’t given an update or anything in a real long time. More or less I basically just vanished. So if you are still here and care — I am sorry and I missed you all!


One of the major things that has happened is that Keven recently transitioned out of the army into the civilian world! I am so proud of him for his time spent in the service and now I’m super excited to see where his next career path takes him. 

— If you guys would be interested I can always make another post about how army life was for us! Just let me know down below. —

So with Keven getting out of the military we needed to come up with a plan and decide what’s next for us. One thing that was on the top of our list was to not move back to our hometown. As much as we LOVE our family we knew that we just needed something different. We were stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and while we didn’t necessarily LOVE Fayetteville we fell in love with North Carolina. 

We decided we wanted to stay in the South and see if we could make this our home for the next however many years. 

In the end of October we said goodbye to Fort Bragg and said hello to Raleigh. 

So far we love it! The community we live in is great and people are so friendly. We have also met so many dog owners and puppy friends for Sadie! Plus she loves that where we live now has tonsssss of squirrels. 

We do miss the friends and family we had where we lived before but we aren’t more than an hour away which is awesome. There is so much to do in the Raleigh area, especially if you like amazing food and craft beer. If you ever go to North Carolina I would totally check the city out. 


Aside from moving and getting settled we enjoyed our first holiday in our own place together. 
The past couple years we’ve been apart so we usually spent time together at families houses. This year we were able to put up our own tree and just relax in our own place with our puppy. We did miss being able to see family though. 

My sister did surprise us and flew down right before Christmas! It was so awesome to see her and get to hang out and take her around to explore our new home. Sadie was super pumped too, I don’t think she left my sister alone the whole time she was here. 


I so badly wanted to blog but for some reason I just couldn’t. I wanted to write and post updates and come up with all kinds of topics. But something was just stopping me. Every time I would go on social media I would spend hours upon hours with endless scrolling and doing nothing but comparing myself and feeling no matter what I did it wasn’t worth it. 

It probably sounds super cliché but it happens. Its honestly so hard to not go on Instagram and see all these perfect pictures and perfect things with perfect people with the perfect lives. It’s not how it truly is but it’s how it seems.

Without realizing it I took a long break. I did go on social media a little but I stepped away from it a break for the most part. I wanted to clear my head and just realize what I truly wanted.


New year, new me? So I have been doing a lot of thinking and figuring out what truly makes me happy and what I love to do. I miss blogging but I don’t want to put ridiculous pressures on myself. I want to just try to do it for fun without comparing and wishing I had all the amazing things others have. 

So my game plan is to not overdue it but to just DO IT FOR FUN and make time for it. Not to worry so much about all the little things and just write and blog for the sole reason I started. 

2019 I have different goals I want to accomplish and one big one is to do this blog for fun without worrying about all the statistics and how much I post. I hope if you are still following me you will stick around and THANK YOU for still being here. For anyone new, WELCOME and I hope you come back!

Talk to you soon! – Sarah

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