Jane Iredale lipstick review

Hey everyone!! I hope you had a great weekend.

Today I want to share with you a lipstick that was sent to me complimentary from Influenster. This box was filled with three of the new Triple Lux Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipsticks by the company Jane Iredale.

To start off I will say that I have never heard of this company before and was super excited to receive this package. It is really awesome when I get to test out products from a new brand or company that I’ve never heard about. It feels like a fresh start and if I love it I get to share it with all of you. Let me know down below if you guys have heard of this brand before!

With a quick search I hopped over to the brands website which is designed so beautiful and clean.  The brand is cruelty-free which is something I love to hear, some of their products are also vegan free and their lipsticks are!  They have information on their website regarding the ingredients used in case you are curious. Definitely go to their website for tons of products, information and check out their beauty tips page! Click HERE to go directly to the site!

The package came wrapped so cute with tissue paper and and two pieces of lavender on top. To my surprise I received three different shades to test out! The shades I was sent are Joanna, Natalie, and Molly.

As soon as I opened these beauties I immediately had to swatch them on my hand and let me tell you, THEY WERE CREAMY! One thing for me that I cannot stand is a lipstick that feels hard and does not go on smooth because I know its a good chance that they will pull and tug on my lips if my lips aren’t super moisturized.

First off lets talk about packaging! As soon as I popped these beauts out of the box I knew I would love them for the packaging alone. is there anyone else like me that with fall in love with a package of a makeup product and it makes it that much better? No? Just me? haha. Either way these lipsticks come in a mirrored rose gold tube and has a good weight to them. It feels like an expensive lipstick. When you take off the cap it has a twist to push up the lipstick. Lastly, it has a magnetic close!! YES YES YES. I hate when lipsticks don’t close all the way and you don’t know. These babies certainly will!

After trying out and testing these lipsticks I will say that Molly is my favorite color out of the ones I recieved. Ive been so into nudes lately and for me its the perfect nude but doesn’t make my lips match my skin. The lipsticks are NOT drying and have a creamy moisturized feel to them. When I applied the lipstick I did not use anything as a base. I think that if I were to use a lip liner especially for the more pink color lipstick it would keep it from bleeding.

The lipsticks had great color pay off and lasted a long time. I noticed they did loose some color after I ate. Lastly they had barley any fragrance smell to them, so if your someone who is sensitive to makeup that has a strong smell these would be okay for you!

Overall I really liked these lipsticks. I know I will be getting a ton of use out of the color Molly!

You can find these lipsticks for $35 on the Jane Iredale website HERE, or you can find them at Neiman Marcus HERE.

Let me know if you have tried them and what your thoughts are!

xoxo S


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