Who’s excited about fall TV? It seems like that’s when all the shows I care about come back. Now half the time I miss most of them and stream them or catch them once they come out on Netflix. However, either way, I’m super pumped for some of these! Some on the list I’m interested to see where the story goes, but I’m worried that I’m going to hate the season. Either way, I’ll be tuning in to catch it. All the shows listed below are in order of when they return.

What shows are you guys looking forward to? Keven and I aren’t really into football or sports which is why that’s not listed. I’d love to hear if there’s any on my list that you like and can’t wait for or any new shows that I didn’t mention. Leave a comment below I love finding out about new shows to watch.

The Mayans MC (September 4) – If you ever watched Sons of Anarchy this is for you!! The creator returns with another motorcycle club with all new characters and drama. My husband and I can’t wait to see where this show will go! I never watched Sons of Anarchy until he introduced me to it and I was obsessed. If you haven’t seen that show either I would totally check it out on Netflix

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (September 5) – We were shocked and delighted to find out this show was returning!

Shameless (September 9) – What is there to really say about this one! I love all the crazy family drama.

You (September 9) – Based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes this one features the actor who played Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl, and with that, I’m already interested. He has an obsession with a woman, and from there it gets very twisted and dark. I’m trying to get to the book first, but we will see what happens! (I always try to read books before the movie or show, is anyone else that way?)

American Horror Story (September 12) – I’m so interested to see where this season goes. I cannot figure out what it really involves. Everything I’ve read says that it will be bringing back characters from Murder House and Coven. Two of my favorite seasons! Angela Lange is coming back, and I cannot be more pumped!!!

Manifest (September 24) – I saw the trailer for this a couple days ago on Twitter, and I’m amazed. I haven’t seen anything about it anywhere else! The whole idea behind it is so intriguing. Even if I could give an excellent description, I wouldn’t. You need to go check out the preview for it and let me know what you think. It’s nothing like what I was expecting it to be.

How to Get Away With Murder (September 27) – This past season was not my favorite, but somehow I still want more and to see where Annaliese and the Keating five go next season.

The Walking Dead (October 7) – So we all know Rick is supposed to die and I can’t say that I’m not pissed about that. Ive heard that its because the actor who plays Rick is tired of being away from his family and that’s completely understandable. But they just killed off Carl, and now Rick is going and apparently so is Maggie. Rick is the character you started the whole show with, it’s like what’s the point of the show anymore? However, I’m intrigued to see where they take it and if this new woman who they put in as the showrunner will help this dying show.

Riverdale (October 10) – Another show I’m in love with but wholly annoyed by it. I mean can we please end the whole red hood guy already? Riverdale I am completely confused by you and also super interested and can’t stop watching.

Arrow (October 15) – Still need to catch up on last season, but I just loved the other seasons I want to see what’s happening. Who doesn’t love a hot guy who shoots a bow and arrow, I mean come on!

Supernatural (October 18) – One of the first shows I ever fell in love with, and 14 seasons later I’m still obsessed. If you like supernatural beings and hot brothers, this one’s for you!

 – XOXO Sarah!

2 thoughts on “FALL TV SHOWS

  1. Life By Wyetha says:

    Love your list…I’m a dedicated Supernat fan…so I will always watch that one. How to Get Away is starting off with a bang…drama already…but I love it. I’ve been watching AHS since the beginning and I will say that I like this one better than Cult. I’m three episodes in and so far + it’s interesting. I’m filled with so much anxiety about the Walking Dead + I’ve been watching this one since the beginning and we know that Andrew Lincoln is leaving…but I didn’t hear that he was being killed off. You know there are only two ways to leave the WD + so it’s really depressing. However I did ready in Entertainment weekly that he maybe coming back in a Directors capacity so that should be interesting to see. I also read that Norman Reedus maybe moving up to a leadership role. Wow and my sentiments exactly for Riverdale…but I’m hooked in so I’ll be watching it again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sunshine & Sunnies says:

      Im so glad to hear your a Supernatural fan as well! Such a great show!! I was not a fan of the Cult season either for AHS. This season has me excited so far. I don’t even know where they are going to go with it but I’m here for it! Its such a bummer about Rick leaving or whatever may happen to him, I feel like its his story we’ve been following all this time. I am curious to see where they take the story especially if Norman Reedus takes over as the lead.

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