Something Personal

One of the hardest things I’ve gone through has been the loss of my mom.

Every year on and around her birthday I start to feel lost and just not myself. My mom was my best friend and my world. Almost 5 years ago we lost the most special person our lives. Her passing away was something none of my family saw coming. I think thats what made it so difficult, knowing that I couldn’t say goodbye.

While I am so thankful and beyond grateful for the time I had with her, there are plenty of days where I’m mad at the world for taking her away too soon. I know there was a bigger plan for her but I just wish she had more time with us.

One of the special things my mom and I shared was her nickname for me. Its actually what led to the name of my blog. Ever since I can remember, my mom had called me her sunshine and would sing me the lullaby to put me to sleep. That is one memory I will always keep. She always used that nickname for me and ill never forget it. Which is what led me to yesterday. After so much time of putting it off my husband booked tattoo appointments and I went and got my first tattoo. A sun on my left wrist. This tattoo is something that I’ve been talking about getting for years and years and years…

I have wanted this tattoo for so long! Having it put on my wrist is so I can see it as a daily reminder of her. I am so thankful for my husband who finally gave me the push to do what I’ve been wanting to do for so long.

I am super happy to have the tattoo finally and as a simple daily reminder of my mom and that she is looking down on me for life.


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