If you love makeup then I am almost sure you know all about the Sephora Beauty Insider sale or have at least heard about it! This is an amazing sale where you can buy ANYTHING from the store for a percentage off depending on what level beauty insider you are! The sale discounts range from 20% for a VIB ROUGE, 15% for a VIB, and 10% for an INSIDER.

High end makeup and beauty rarely goes on sale, so I love being able to purchase  my most wanted items or stock up on my favorites so I don’t run out!

Usually this sale is twice a year, so when I started seeing other bloggers and friends posting about the sale at the end of August I was like uhhhh what?! I had no idea they were doing the sale at this time this year, did you?

Any-who, right now my husband and I are trying to save money and there was nothing crazy that I wanted or needed so I only purchased a couple of items.

I stocked up on my favorite moisturizer that I was afraid I was going to run out of soon. I love the FIRST AID BEAUTY Hydrating Serum but it does come with a high price tag on a small bottle. So I always make sure to buy when I know there is a sale at either Sephora or Ulta.

Other than that I didn’t need to stock up on anything since I’m trying to use up what makeup I do have. So I found a couple other items that I was interested in.

Lately I’ve been all about my hair and making my hair super healthy, so decided to pick out a couple highly rated products. I grabbed the Verb Manage & Restore Hydrating Mask and the Moroccanoil Treatment. Ive used Morrocanoil products before and have been really happy with them so I’m hoping to love this one. The Verb Hydrating Mask I have used once already and my hair feels so smooth and soft I really feel like I’m going to enjoy it a lot!

Lastly, I picked up the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. This was something super random that I think that I will love. I generally use a moisturizer at night or a sleep mask but never took the time to think about my lips. There is a lovely watermelon sent to this that doesn’t seem too strong. Online there are tons of amazing reviews so I cannot wait to try this out!

Did you pick up any products from the sale? I love hearing what everyone gets and what products they recommend.

Talk to you soon

xoxo S

Here are all the links to each item that I picked up!

Image result for laneige sleeping lip mask                  Image result for moroccanoil treatment        Image result for verb hydrating mask


    • Sunshine & Sunnies says:

      I completely understand what you mean about Sephora! For some reason I can never figure out how Ulta Beauty’s points work. Its totally my fault for probably not paying attention, but I always hear how great their points are and they money you get back.

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