Caution Hourglass Mascara

Hello Lovelies!

One of my go to makeup must haves would always be mascara. Even if I’m leaving the house with “no makeup” I always reach to grab a mascara to swipe a little on. It always makes me feel a little more put together, even if thats all I’m wearing on my face!

Today I am honored to talk to you about a mascara that was sent to me complimentary to test out and review for you guys. A huge thank you to Influenster and Hourglass for sending me this product.

I have always been a girl who feels that you do not need to spend millions of dollars on mascara. If you find a cheap drugstore product that works for you I say go with it. There are so many different products for makeup and skincare that I would rather put my money towards. Although, THIS MASCARA did make me rethink that!

The Hourglass Caution mascara says it will deliver 400% more volume in just one stroke! It comes with a 4DAmplifier brush, which combines two brushes into one to help deliver intense volume, length, definition and lift.

Hourglass Cosmetics is a luxury brand whose products are free from parabens, sulfates, is vegan and never tested on animals! I have honestly never tried a product from this company before but now I’m tempted to try more.

The packaging of the mascara is super sleek and shiny. The product looks really nice, and it doesnt feel like a cheap package.

When applying the mascara I found the wand easy to control and the brush worked really well on my eyelashes. The application was super easy and left my already dark eyelashes with a really nice pop!


I’ve worn this product a couple times now and I feel that I really think this product does what it says. The mascara dries quick, is long lasting and gives your eyelashes a great boost. The only issue I noticed is that the mascara did feel a little thick and clumpy after a couple hours of wear in the hot summer humidity here in North Carolina!


The price of the product is $29 for .33oz (full size) $14 for .19oz (mini)

Personally, to me that is a high price for a mascara, however if you like a real good quality mascara and a high end brand I would choose this one! There is always the option of trying out the mini size, which is what I normally do when trying expensive makeup products before investing in the full size.

Its available now at Sephora or on Hourglasses website! If you pick up this product I would love to hear your thoughts on it!!

Talk to you soon! XOXO

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