Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hey y’all!

I am not a huge Nordstrom shopper however I will say last year I discovered this sale from all the other bloggers I follow.  Don’t hate me for this but I always thought how overrated it was that EVERYONE was talking about the sale. However I discovered some really great pieces and couldn’t resist on buying them.

Nordstroms whole process from buying to receiving my items were super painless and everything was what I expected. Honestly there are many items that you could pick up as christmas presents if you want to start getting ready. I always say that I will and then you’ll always find me the week before Christmas picking out last minute items. Insert hand over face emoji here haha!

But honestly though, I love to find good deals on staple items when I can. Thats what drew me in about this sale, so many items to choose from. Im not big on trendy items unless its something I’ve been eyeing for awhile.

So below I’ve pulled together some items that really stand out to me! Things go super fast with this sale. I hope if any of you shop the sale you get everything you wanted!

Purity Trio Set
_103205449.jpgMARIO BADESCU
Latest & Greatest Set
Superstar Minis Set
Stitch Curve Hem Cardigan
_101243974.jpgTHREAD & SUPPLY
Wubby Fleece Pullover
Rounded V-Neck Tee®_103010524TREASURE & BOND
Felt Panama Hat
_103544355.jpgKATE SPADE NEW YORK
Kate Spade One In A Million Initial Pendant Necklace

Do you guys shop the sale, or do you think its kind of overrated?
Let me know what you think!

Ill talk to you soon
xoxo S

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