Our Family Grew!

On May 19th our little family of two became three!

We are so excited to announce that we have a adopted out first furr-baby, Sadie.Sadie-1.jpg

Over the past couple months since I had moved down to North Carolina, Keven and I have been so back and fourth about whether or not it was the right time to bring home a little puppy. We both wanted one so bad, but because of his crazy military schedule we just weren’t sure if right now would be a good time. Because, well you never know.

Thankfully right now I do some work from home and do not have a full-time career yet so I’m able to spend time with our little girl.

So basically what happened was, on that Saturday we got up early to go to a nearby animal shelter to sign up and become volunteers. Well that same day the shelter was having an adoption event at a nearby Pet-Smart. So we both decided to stop by and check it out.

Yeah who can actually go to those and NOT come home with a little baby? Am I right?

We arrived at the event and I knew right then I couldn’t be their unless I knew I was leaving with one. We saw this little black lab in a crate and asked the nice woman if we could hold her. Within the couple minutes that the woman took her out of the crate and handed her to Keven we knew she would be going home with us. Keven looked at me and said “are we going to do this?” and that was it!

She is a Labrador Retriever mix who was rescued off the side of the road. Its sad how people can just leave poor animals on the side of the road to die. My heart breaks for them all!

When we picked her up from the shelter she was about 14 weeks old, and now on July 2nd she has turned 5 months old!

I have never had a puppy or a dog before, so this to me is a completely new experience and we are loving every second of being furr-parents.

Be PREPARED for tons of posts about the new love of our life!

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